Friday, December 9, 2011

An Spending Instance That Could Have Been Avoided

Gilbert M. Forbes

Spending is easy that in the end you will not notice that you have already ran  out of budget.  For quite a couple of days, I have already spent a portion of my disposable income, I considered it is as such because it is an extra income.  Hence, I already allotted all my bonus to pay for two of three of our astounding obligations.  That is for a basically financially literate and practicing personal finance person already. 

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The truth is, I could have just set aside those things like for instance purchase of a hybrid AM-FM radio, a set of classical music CD's, 3g cell phone LCD repair, and some kitchen utensils.The fact is t was an spending instance that should have been avoided but it wasn't.  What more if I'm not practicing personal finance and that I am financially illiterate, I would have spent more for I am thinking of replacing my 10-ten year old CRT Likom PC monitor by an LCD, buy a new hard disk to replace my HDD which is already running out of space, a netbook or an android phone but I declined.

Still, I am actually defending myself saying that those purchases though few are necessary.  The hybrid radio is needed so that we will no longer depend on TV for news and talk shows saving us on electrical consumption. The classical music cd is for our toddler for his mind and our minds stimulation and the last because I just want it repaired.  The cell phone is still greatly functional and is for home use only.

This is the psychology of spending.  Our mind is quick to put rationality on our actions even if it tends to complicate things.

The quick reminder is, are we willing to live in a complicated atmosphere?  I’m not,  that's why I am taming myself.  My inspiration is simple.  Once I got out of my debt, I could start immediately on my journey towards financial freedom.  I just couldn't think of a life having no debt to think of.

This is not only for my future but also for all those who depend on me.  And most of all for my God for apart from Him, nothing would be possible.

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