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Saturday, June 27, 2015

Towards Quality Educational Outcomes: What Aspiring and Incoming PSDS Should Know

By:  Gilbert M. Forbes

(This is the third and the concluding part of Towards Quality Educational Outcomes: Maximizing the Role and Functions of Public School District Supervisors and Towards Quality Educational Outcomes: A Look at Public School District Supervisors’ Roles)

The sign that district supervisors have already completely separated themselves from their usual perceive roles as administrators over school principals could be seen in the way district offices are now ran and maintained, relationships that exists between district supervisors and school heads particularly in most of the central schools where their offices are located and maintained courtesy of the said sponsoring host schools, treatment and support they receive from the rest of the school heads and most importantly how the curriculum is effectively implemented and monitored for quality learning outcomes.  

R.A. 9155 is clear about the public school districts roles and responsibilities apart from authority, accountability and responsibility:

  • Monitor, assess, supervise and evaluate the implementation of various curricula in basic education in both public and private schools/learning centers including early childhood education, special education and alternative learning system in the district or cluster thereof;
  • Provide professional and instructional advice and support to the school heads and teachers/facilitators of public and private elementary and secondary schools and learning centers including early childhood education,special education and alternative learning system in the district or cluster thereof and
  • Perform such other related functions as maybe assigned by proper authorities.

In addition to this, their job summary states that they are to assists the schools or learning centers in the district apart from the specific duties and responsibilities which are enumerated as follows:
  1. Analyzes and interprets education indicators
  2. Conducts action researches on academic and non-academic factors affecting learning progress and achievement
  3. Visits and monitors  schools for curricular supervision
  4. Provides technical assistance to school heads on matters of instructional supervision, when solicited
  5. Assists and serves as  resource person and facilitator in INSET
  6. Monitors implementation of ALS programs
  7. Evaluates performance of ALS district coordinators as delegated by SDS
  8. Assists school heads in self-management, school-based decision-making and to utilization and development of school resources when solicited
  9. Serves as learnngt area supervisor at DO, if assigned/designated
These things should be clear to all school heads who are aspiring to become a public school district supervisor because this is not for power hungry individuals, neither to current school principals whom because of power bloated their minds and their concept of principled and servant leadership.  It is for those who wants to contribute to the general objective of advancing quality education in all our schools.
While PSDS position is said to be the representation of the school division's superintendents office at the district or municipal level, it goes beyond, and the expected challenges ahead is only fitting to the position and the remuneration which are steps ahead.

Any aspiring PSDS therefore should not expect a higher or special treatment and privileges that he/she could have had experienced of  once held before as a school principal but only those that his position deserves.

Administratively speaking, he is among equals with the school heads though it should always be expected that the PSDS will always be the team captain capitalizing on common respect but not or never be a boss among them just like the pope who is among co-equals with the bishops. 

In the case of the pope, respect and leadership stems from his being the bishop of Rome, the former seat of St. Peter and on the case of the PSDS, their being the representatives of the schools division superintendents and 'alter ego.'

Newbies therefore should learn how to thread and know the water first before stumbling on various demands.  Like a community organizers of various people's organization (PO's), he will certainly start from scratch.  He should start as a community organizer, a missionary, friendly both and a leader commensurate to his post.

In most cases, the feeling of rejection couldn't be avoided but it is but natural.   But it is still tiny compared to most undocumented cases where PSDS in some city schools could not be accommodated by target host schools because of over crowding according to the principal.

With these, any aspiring PSDS and those being promoted to the said position should not only be the top-notched but those who really cares about his/her mission.  Otherwise, expect for more challenges for teachers and school heads now a days are different from those two-decades ago.

Given that, PSDS's job description is available online and accessible to all, any candidate or has been promoted and given the job will be working towards that goal.

(Mr. Gilbert M. Forbes had his Bachelors Degree and MA in Educational Management (CAR) from the Philippine Normal University- Southern Luzon and Manila Campus.  A former multi-grade teacher, campus paper adviser and trainer for 13 years, NEAP Trained Facilitator for K to 12 etc.  Currently, he is an elementary school principal two in one of the elementary schools in the division of Quezon.  He is also the Vice-President of the Quezon Elem. School Heads Association- QUESHA- PESPA Chapter)   

Saturday, June 20, 2015

5 Reasons You Can Be Rich, Wealthy and Financially Independent

 By:  Gilbert M. Forbes
DepEd Quezon

All working folks, either salaried workers, professionals or those from the informal economy like all types of vendors, drivers, free lancers, etc.

Are you dreaming of a life of abundance where helping others and giving to charity is no longer a problem?  You are not worried about any unexpected or emergency expenses such as those related to health because there is a fund for it.

You can still continue to work if it is your passion without any financial stress.  We’ll, life of financial stability, abundance or wealth is actually realizable if we know how.

1. Understanding how money works
Money is not actually the root of all evils.  It is the LOVE OF MONEY that is.  Actually, we are equally vulnerable to the devil when we don’t have enough money because we may end up doing bad and evil things like gambling, falling into the trap of debt and corruption.

Money is not a complicated topic, at least, now a-days, because of the ability of self-help books and lots of articles on-line. One needs to browse and study one of these books.

There are books written by successful Filipino Entrepreneurs and financial wellness and spiritual coaches like Francisco Colayco, Bo Sanhez and Chinky Tan.

This blog also offers quite a handful of financial literacy articles that could somehow be of help.  The only key is the interest to learn, internalize, reflect and apply it.

2. Life-long Learning
Never stop learning for the real wealthy people never stop.  Learn from experiences and mistakes so that it will no longer be repeated.  Don’t just go along the tide of a complicated and materialistic lifestyle which only makes our lives difficult.

Distance yourselves from influences which are not in line with your new chosen lifestyle.  Let your immediate circles understand your decision, if not, let the time do it.  Once they saw the result of your decision in the years ahead, they will surely realize your point.  

3. Live below your means
Live at least 10- 20% below your means and save the rest.  You have done it already while you were studying, much, when you were still looking for a job, why not this time?

Involve the family in your decision by explaining them and by educating them too.  Let them have a prospect of the future too. 

Most of the financially stable right now have made a conscious decision to live on less than they make 20 years ago.

They saved a lot until they were able to capitalize on things that will generate more additional or passive income like transport business, hardware, grocery store, agricultural farms like fish pen, rice and corn farm, etc., while others in high yielding time deposits, additional retirement funds, real state, educational and health fund, etc.

Budget and stick to it.  Never mind what the close-minded people will tell or label you.

4. Avoiding bad debt as a deadly virus
Open an irregular and emergency account so that you will not get into the trap of debt in times of seasonal and emergency needs.  Once, you become the bread winner of the family, be fully aware that you will gonna pay tuition and school fees, and most of all pay for hospital or medical needs in times of sudden sickness.

If you have an irregular expense account, then you will no longer be worried about tuition and sudden sickness requiring hospitalization. 

5.  Building assets that earn
Your house, your car, even your jewelries couldn’t be regarded an asset if it don’t give any financial benefit.   These could be liabilities that are reducing your earning potentials towards financial independence and wealth.

A house for instance could be regarded as an asset if your monthly amortization and travel expense is less than or equal to your monthly expected rental and travel expenses to work.

Young professionals and income earners out there particularly the young ones.  Becoming financially independent, wealthy, a millionaire or whatever you want to call it is not impossible. Since you still have all the time and a lot of prospects plus the knowledge to do so, it’s easy. 

Those in the early 30’s, there's still a lot of time to catch up while those in their 40’s, double time.  Those in their 50’s or retiring ones, all you can do now is fix your finances and free yourselves from debt as fast as you can before your retirement.

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Stewardship and Financial Wellness

(Mr. Gilbert M. Forbes is an educator who was also a victim of financial ignorance.  Upon stumbling on a financial literacy book a decade ago, financial literacy or wellness has become a part of his personal advocacy aside from politics, good governance, education and environment.  He holds baccalaureate and post-graduate studies from the Philippine Normal University and have been a school head for more than ten years now.)