Wednesday, August 3, 2011

DepEd calls schools to strengthen environmental education

In  view  of  the  pressing  global  concerns and  issues  on  the  environment,  the Department  of  Education  (DepEd) urges all public and private schools to lead the role on environmental  awareness  by  enhancing  environmental education  and  by  pursuing effective school-based activities that seek to preserve and protect the environment through a DepEd Order No. 52. s, 2011.

This is  in pursuant to Republic Act  (R.A.) No.  9512, entitled "An Act to Promote Environmental Education and  for Other Purposes."

Towards  this end,  all  public  and  private schools  are called to undertake  the  following activities:

  • Intensifying  lessons  regarding environment  on all  science  subjects. Environmental concerns shall also be used as  tools for classroom drills, discussions and activities and shall be  taught and  be integrated in the related learning areas; 
  • Encouraging  the  school  administrators,  officials  and  teachers  to  use various instructional materials  such  as   books, visual  aids,  teaching guides and materials in making the students aware of  the concerns and issues on  the  environment which  shall  promote students' participation in environmental activities and advocacies and instill in their minds the need to preserve and protect the environment;
  • Encouraging  the  teachers  to  attend  lecture-seminars, workshops, conferences  and  other forums relating  to  environmental education which may be considered in their application for promotion;
  • Establishing the Youth for  Environment in  School Organizations  (YES- 0) pursuant  to DepEd Order  No.  72, s. 2003  by  all  public and  private elementary  (Grades IV-VI) and secondary schools; and
  • Establishing,  registering,  monitoring  and  evaluating  the YES-0  and other  related  organizations, which  shall  be  under the  administration and supervision  of  the DepEd7s Center  for  Students and Co-Curricular Affairs (CSCA); hence, regular reports shall be submitted by the CSCA to the Undersecretary  for  Programs  and  Projects, Undersecretary for Regional  Operations  and Undersecretary  for  Legal  and  Legislative Affairs. 

Aside from the formal public-private schools, the Bureau  of  Elementary Education (BEE), Bureau  of  Secondary Education (BSE) and Bureau  of  Alternative Learning System  (BALS) shall integrate environmental education including issues and concerns in their review of  existing curricula.
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