Friday, September 18, 2015

5 Surest Way to Finish and Graduate from College

By:  Gilbert M. Forbes

Most are studying college for the belief that it is the best thing to do so that one can find and land a good paying job in the future.  A good paying job that will improve the family's standard of living. However, for the most poor college student, there is a great uncertainty even if one is full scholar.  Even those already receiving enough monthly stipend as part of their scholarship may still find a hard time.  What can be done:
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1.  Focus on your studies. Avoid all negative influences and don't get into serious romantic relationship as much as possible. Remember, you are studying to graduate and have a college degree and ultimately a good job once graduated and not settle.

2.  Don't be shy just because you couldn't go along with the fashion trend, gizmos, events, parties etc of your classmates, friends and barkada's particularly the financially well-off because they already know and would have actually understood your situation from the very beginning that they got to know you.  Prove your worth in everything that you do with excellence but with humility and love for the glory of  God

3.  Be truthful to yourself and don't pretend that you belong to the well-off or middle class families just to get along with the real ones.  It will not do any good but harm.  Be proud instead of your situation and be the best that you can be.  Remember, you are there to study and ultimately finish not impress the social caste by becoming a social butterfly.

4.  Be extra-productive.  While, in college, studying, you could apply as student assistant in your school or a part time job outside which will help you earn while you learn and improve and enrich your resume' as well. It will put you step ahead once you graduate and start looking for a job. If having a part time job is not feasible, you can try 'direct selling' even multi- level marketing during your idle time.  You could also engage into seasonal business during semestral breaks or help in family income generating jobs.

5.  Leave all your worries to God in prayer and trust Him.  He will surely make a way when there seems to be no way by using other people whom at the least you are not expecting that they will.  Be surrounded by positive and religiously active people.  You could join the parish choir or the youth organization or even offer yourself to minister.

Surely, with diligence, patience and trust in God, you will achieve your dreams.
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