Saturday, January 24, 2015

SAVE and Be DEBT FREE by Avoiding Envy and Self-pity

By:  Gilbert M. Forbes

"One of the main reasons why most of us get into debt is because of envy (inggit) and self-pity (awa sa sarili)"  This was what financial and wellness coach Chinke Tan just explained over ABS-CBN in an interview made by the Kabuhayang Swak na Swak.

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Years, ago, during the advent, this was also explained by our parish priest.  Envy usually leads us getting into buying things which we can avoid such as new gadgets, branded clothing etc., just because we are envious of our peers.  The fact however is that these things will not define who we are.

Early on, particularly those who were taught the value of simplicity and thrift, those who just get off from abject poverty as a result of new employment and getting educated are taken into this mess due to self-pity.  This two, envy and self-pity are dangerous.

Now, may I ask you, what happened to your SALN and current financial status.  Is it getting better?  Every time we buy something we ask ourselves, do I really need it?  Is there no other options.  Am I not buying or getting into this just because I am shy.

Remember this, true friends will not let us down.  True friends will not put us into trouble.  True friends already know who we are from head to toe.  With regards to our peers be it in the community or in the work place, there are other best ways to prove our worth.  It's in our character, not on what can be seen from the outside.

In the beginning, there might be some questions, commotions.  But it is only temporary.  Once they've got to know more about us, they've got to admire us.  And admiration and respect is totally free.  Isn't it beautiful folks?

The primary key is that we should be contented on what we have right now but not satisfied.  Meaning, we could be contented living in a rented apartment but we are not satisfied because we are planning and working saving to buy a house of our own in the future when we already can.

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(Mr. Gilbert M. Forbes is an educator who was also a victim of financial ignorance.  Upon stumbling on a financial literacy book a decade ago, financial literacy or wellness has become a part of his personal advocacy aside from politics, good governance, education and environment.  He holds baccalaureate and post-graduate studies from the Philippine Normal University and have been a school head for more than ten years now.)
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