Saturday, July 6, 2013

Always Doing the Right Thing at the Right Time: A Reflection of a Public School Teacher

By:  Evelyn R. Magpantay 
Padre Burgos Central School 
Padre Burgos- Agdangan District, Division of Quezon

Another year had passed as things happened along which had contributed much to our performances not only to our families and our love ones but most importantly towards our works and attitudes in the performance of our duties, responsibilities, and mission as teachers.

Hope that this year would be a more fruitful year to all.  Hoping too that God continuously shower us with the gifts of life, wisdom and strength to cope with the challenges of our works each day.

Having moments of reflecting as to how I am doing my job as a teacher in relation to my pupils’ performance and feedback from my peers, parents and school heads, it is easy to think about getting to the conclusion that I’m still okay.  It’s because I am sure to myself that I am doing the right thing at the right time.  I make it to a point that every moment is important especially to those who are interested to learn.  I assume that everybody does for if they don’t, they will not be in school.

No time is wasted because they are slow learners and their picking up span is short that I have to make use of that precious time for them to develop the basic skills they need to learn each day.  I know they are eager to learn too that’s why I try to make the lesson simpler for them to understand.  As to my colleagues, everything is going smoothly.  The relationship with them and the parents are amazing and wonderful.  That’s why, I’m happy about it.

I am proud to inform my school head that my desire to be an effective teacher is in my heart and soul ever since I became a teacher.  And so as always, my priority is how to make these pupils improve their eagerness to learn, to study and develop their skills gradually.  

It has been my desire that they remember me years after or even if I’m gone here on earth.  That some of them my recall and say that if not with teacher Babes (Evelyn), I haven’t learn how to read, to multiply, I had stopped and so on;  that they remember and think of the good points in me instead of my weaknesses.

To others, it may not be that important but it’s all that makes me happy.  The best price I can get from laborious days of hardship each day and for many years as a public school teacher.

I think that in my age now, there is nothing more to change because I see to it that I do my best shot each day inside and outside the classroom.  I recognize that I have limited talents but I work hard for the skills bestowed in me to be a good teacher in the best way I can.  Sorry if I at times or many times I can’t cope up with the rest of the expectations from me.

Finally, I will still be what I used to be.  That is always working to be efficient until my retirement comes.  I pray to God that He looks upon me and give me longer years to live with my family and love ones, to share what I can share to others, give love to all and be contented for what I have.

(Teacher Evelyn R. Magpantay is a grade three teacher of mentally challenged pupils.  She's in the service for 35 years and her passion to teach just keeps on burning.  She is retiring in two years time.)
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