Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Guidelines on School Visitations, Inspections, Monitoring and Evaluation

Teachers and school heads together with school stakeholders will now get relief in finding and collecting funds to finance food and accommodation expenses during school visitations, inspections, monitoring and evaluation. For schools with stand by fund from other sources could now allot it to important programs relative to strengthening educational access, the same with small schools which rely on teachers and parent voluntary contribution for funding.

This was after the central office released the DepEd Orcer No. 35, s. 2011 dated April 25, 2011 known as the Guidelines on School Visitations, Inspections, Monitoring and Evaluation.

The guideline was issued due to feedbacks and comments receive by the central office from foreign observers through its web site regarding school visitation, inspection, monitoring and evaluation made by officials and personnel from the central office, regional offices, division offices and district offices. It is alleged that every time the visitors monitor from the central office and field offices visit schools, teachers are asked to contribute a certain amount for the meals and accommodation of the said personnel.

The guideline emphasized that this events are not tolerated considering that the expenses for school visitations, inspections and monitoring and evaluation activities of all DepEd personnel are covered in their daily per diem and allowable transportation expenses during official travels.

It further clarified that the assistance that should be extended to all concerned personnel or officials shall be limited to coordination in order to ensure that the objectives of the school visitations, inspections and monitoring and evaluation are properly accomplished.

The guidelines concluded that inline with the government’s policy and in conformity with the highest ethical standards of public service that it orders school officials from collecting contributions from the teachers intended for the meals and accommodation of visitors or monitors.

The order however seems forgetful of the fact that most of school districts have no budget for per diem and transportation allowances compared to their division, regional and national counterparts. But of course, school districts will find other viable sources of fund to ensure that the highest ethical standards being spouse by the order is strictly followed, the learning captain and this blogger believe.

This guideline too is expected not to affect the value of hospitality which we Filipinos are known for particularly among teachers and school heads of schools being visited, inspected, monitored and evaluated.
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